• Pinwheels for Peace
    Pinwheels for Peace
  • Pinwheels for Peace
    Pinwheels for Peace
  • Catching a Football in Physical Education
    Catching a Football in Physical Education
  • PinWheels for Peace
    PinWheels for Peace
  • Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims Earns a Pajama Day!!
    Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims Earns a Pajama Day!!


OCTOBER 23-27 - Dress in theme each day of the week to help us celebrate!

Monday, 10/23  - "Drug Free Red is the Way to Be"    (Dress in Red)
Tuesday, 10/24 - "Put a CAP on Drugs"     (Wear your favorite Hat)
Wednesday, 10/25 - "Give Drugs a Slip"    (Wear your Slippers and/or Pajamas)
Thursday, 10/26 - "Team Up Against Drugs"  (Dress in Sports Apparel)
Friday, 10/27 - "Lei off Drugs"      (Dress in your Hawaiian wear)

Online Access for Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduling Starts Monday, October 2

Online parent-teacher conference scheduling is accessible starting Monday, October 2 - Friday, November 3 through your parent PowerSchool account.  You must have a PowerSchool parent account to schedule a conference.  Please contact your school office if you need to create an account.

Please click to view:  How to Schedule your Conference - Information

Parent-Teacher Conference Dates:

Monday, November 20 from 1:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Tuesday, November 21 from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

District 92 Communication Survey Garners Positive Results

During the past summer, District 92 administered a survey to families to gather feedback on communication efforts.  The survey was developed in furtherance of the District 92 Community Goal that includes the objective: ensure reciprocal communication between the community and district.  There was a total of 157 responses to the survey.  A review of the results reveals very positive feedback.  57.7% of respondents indicated that they were highly satisfied with communication from the district while another 32.7 noted that they were satisfied—leaving in excess of 90% of respondents with a favorable impression of district communication efforts.  Data also demonstrates high levels of use and favorable impressions of most communication tools being utilized within the district.  Efforts will continue in the coming months to improve outreach to the D92 community based upon these results. The survey will be repeated on an annual basis to allow for ongoing feedback from District families in this vital area.    

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