• Reed Math Night
  • Woking together
  • Great Graduation at Ludwig
  • Happy Birthday Dr Suess
  • Mrs Reynold's Class Interviews a Storm Chaser
  • Reed Takes Selfie with Authors
  • Miss Finnen's Class is Focused!
  • Snow and Sun Fun at Ludwig
  • Jumping for Joy in the Snow
  • From the Elves at Walsh...Happy New Year!
  • 1st Grade Musical
  • AM Musical
  • Electric Personality
  • Reed Steam Assembly
  • Too Much Fun Making Mummies!
  • Halloween Costumes And Fun!
  • Small Team With a Big Heart: Happy Halloween
  • Bulldog Buddies on a Field Trip!
  • Dr. Sullivan Takes Time to Read at Reed
  • Reed Pledges to be Bully Free
  • Walsh Students Practice Spelling Words
  • Reed Students in Music Class
  • Fire Safety: Learning 2 ways out
  • Learned about Fire Safety
  • Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims Earns a Pajama Day!!

D92 Technology Standards and Skills

As part of ongoing efforts in the area of technology, District 92 convened a team last year consisting of Library Media Center (LMC) specialists Mary Creek, Lynn Jankowski , Amy Rusick, and Emily Wedewer, and as well as Oak Prairie teacher Heidi Kunselman.  Along with Director of Technology Greg Bolek, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Mark Fleming and Superintendent Dr. Peter Sullivan, this team discussed what students should know and be able to do from kindergarten to sixth grade in the area of technology.  The result is a unique document that outlines the skills students should be expected to master in each grade level.  In doing research for this project, very few districts have charted such a sequence for technology learning. District 92 Technology Standards and Skills may be accessed by clicking here or found under Important Links on the district web site.

D92 Technology Standards and Skills

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